Michael and Ted have been playing and singing together for ten years, developing a seamless interplay of guitar and vocals.  Their unique style features down home guitar picking, improvisation and sensitive, soulful  vocals with harmonies and a repertoire of originals and covers ranging from blues, spirituals and folk to rock 'n roll and jazz. Their sound has blossomed through years of playing in concerts, bars, and coffee houses and in some of Philly's best late night jams, where they learned to "raise the roof" with spirited picking and singing that gets everyone involved and tapping their feet. Their musical adventure has evolved with two powerful voices, guitars, slide, harmonica and audiences singing along. Often, they have great players sitting in and adding their own electricity to the happening.  Their wide range of influences includes James Taylor, Johnny Cash, Chet Atkins, Hank Williams, Ray Charles, Josh White, Merle Travis and Richie Havens. 

"When Michael London and Ted Jordan join their music together a warmth suffuses the room that transcends the excellence of their individual music.  Ted’s folksy baritone voice blends brings a charm to Michael’s almost mystical settings, so that together Rumi and Doc Watson seem to be hanging out on a back porch appreciating the sunset.  Weaving together the familiar with more obscure tunes, as well as some choice originals, the two fine guitarists together create a memorable experience"   (Ken Ulansey, Musician)

Michael London & Ted Jordan

Picking on a Saturday Morning

Michael London - Steel String Guitar & Vocals Ted Jordan - Classical Guitar & Vocals

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Cabin 23 at the Mermaid

Stickin' Close To Home